At Wearable Therapy by Tokii, we are all about helping you have as much confidence as possible to go out there and be exactly who you are. This will allow you to have the drive that you need to achieve your goals and help you to be able to speak your mind about the things that are most important to you.

One of the ways that we help you keep up that confidence is by designing clothes that can help you to look your best – because it is definitely true that if you look good,  you feel good. Our FAB (Flatters All Bodies) Collection does just that. Here are some of the designs that we have available that are flattering on all body types. We’re launching our collection this week, so look for clothes in our store that have a FAB sticker on it to shop from our collection.

Activewear V-Necks

One of the most flattering necklines for all women is the v-neck. It helps to elongate the neck and creates a nice open upper chest. Our activewear shirts are all made from high quality fabric and are able to hold their structure even when you’re out for a run, playing sports, or just running errands throughout the day. Here are some of our most flattering designs:

MakeMeUp MeshTee Front #LetYourStyleGratitude MeshTee Front #SpreadPositivityH8Freezone MeshTee Front #LetYourStyle

Cotton Tees

With our cotton tees, there are several different designs that we have found are flattering on most people.  Many of these are our signature all-over designs, which help to create defined shapes that will help to give you that hourglass figure, elongate you and can help to hide areas that you might not want to highlight on your body.

100Happiness T-Shirt Front2 #SpreadPositivityTheInside CottonTee Front #StyleSpeaksFearless T-Shirt Front #SpreadPositivity

Long Sleeve Tees

While some might feel that long-sleeve tees are just for the coldest days when you bury yourself underneath as many layers as possible, they are actual a great choice to go with jeans, skirts or shorts on a cooler summer night.  When choosing a long-sleeve tee, you’re going to want to find one with great detail on the arms and creates a long silhouette.

Love Long Sleeves SideWithoutBag #WTLetYourStyleFireIce LongSleeves Front #StyleSpeaksModernWonderland Longsleeves Front #LetYourStyle

All of these designs and more are available for purchase at Wearable Therapy by Tokii.  All of our designs were created to help you speak up about the issues that matter most to you!

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